MetaWorks is an integrated, automation platform that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) and puts focus on standards and metadata management to streamline processes and the generation of artifacts typically associated with the clinical study lifecycle.

Ensuring process/artifact consistency, streamlining and automating repetitive tasks and artifact generation to allow subject matter experts to focus on science and deriving additional value/insights from clinical trial data.

Key Features

Enterprise Metadata Management
Metadata Tracked Across Multiple Levels: Global, Compound, TA, Project, Study
Impact Analysis Tools (across all levels): Batch and real-time options for execution
Metadata-Driven Artefact Generation: Any artefact type (e.g., CRF, DB, datasets, TFLs, etc.)
Study- and Integrated-Levels (Submission Support)
Automated Process Workflows to facilitate: Governance, Artefact Generation, review/Approval/ Signoff
Modular Design: Use what’s needed, when needed